.Stan Hugill

1906 -1992

 About Stan

Bronwen Hugill-Gowers
(Stan's widow)



"When no Shanteyman is left to sing, our whole world will have gone completely to the dogs"

The Day I Met Stan


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         Date of Birth - November 19th 1906. Hoylake Cheshire UK
         Died - May 13th 1992 Aberystwyth, Wales.
         Diploma - Japanese, Oriental & African School London University 1948
         Seaman - 1922 /1945. The last shantyman to sail on the last British
                  Commercial sailing ship the 'Garthpool'
         Instructor Outward Bound Sea School - 1950 /1975
         Marine Artist - 1978 - 1992 - Producing some 250 marine oil paintings
         Author - Shanties from the Seven Sea

                        Sailor Town
                        Shanties and Sailor Songs
                        Sea Shanties
                        Songs of the Seas
         Radio and Television Broadcaster

The Sinking of the Garthpool In Stan's own words........
The Zenith of My Career -Marked with a Kiss By Stan