Vagrants Crew 

Half & Aft

The Light from the Lighthouse
The Titanic
One More Day
The Candlelight Fisherman
Roll Her Home
En Revenant De La Rochelle
Row On
The Dark Eyed Sailor
Go My Way
Hard Times Come Again No More
Dead Badger
The Hunter Is Home From The Hill
Down The Road

Available as CD 10.00(Order No. 177/3)
plus P&P


Up From The Deep

The Capstan Hornpipe (Inst.)
The Lifeboat
Flamborough Light
Flemish Fisherman's Reels (Inst.)
Yeller Girls
The Roseabella
The Sailors Alphabet
Outward Bound
John Cherokee
South Australia
Little Sally Rackett
Banks or the Sacramento
The Baker's Boy
Poor Old Horse

Available as CD 10.00(Order No. 177/4)
plus P&P

Old Voyages, New Ways

Get Up Jack Sit Down
Whiskey Johnny
Lovely Nancy
Married To A Mermaid
Paddy Lie Back
Die Buddel Mit Rum
The Race Long Ago
Bulley In The Alley
Fire Down Below
The Maid From Coolmore
New York Girls
Senor Capitan
Johnny Come Down To Hilo
Rolling Down To Milford

Available as CD 10.00(Order No. 177/1)
plus P&P

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