Tavy Tars  

Take Me In Your Lifeboat

Whip Jamboree
Fair Maid of Younghal
The Smuggler
Sammy's Gone Away
Blue Peter
Greenland Whale Fisheries
Bully In The Alley
Leave Her Johnny
James Craig
My Last Night in Baltimore
Farewell Shanty
Take Me To Your Lifeboat

Available as CD 10.00(Order No. 224/2)
plus P&P


Mingulay Boat Song
The Eddstone Light
Shoals of Herring
Old Maui
Northwest Passage
Spanish Ladies
Fiddlers Green
Tall Ships
Lord Franklin
Shanty Man
Cousin Jack
Drink Up Thy Zider

Available as CD 6.00(Order No. 224/1)
plus P&P

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