Storm Weather 
Shanty Choir

Way Hay

Whip Jamboree
Johnny, Come Down To Hilo
Vokt Dig Vel
Drunken Sailor
Hand Over Hand
 Bom Faderi
The Maid Of Coolmore
Hieland Laddie
Rio Grande
Bully In The Alley
Cape Cod Girls

Available as CD £10.00 (Order No 203/4)
 plus P&P


Cheer Up Me Lads!

1. Alabama John Cherokee
2. The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
3. Strilashanti
4. Cheerily Man
5. Three Score and Ten
6. Danse Polka
 6. Shenandoah
8. Clear Away the Track
9. Santy Ana
10. Swansea Town
11. Essequibo River
12. Liverpool Packet

Available as CD £10.00 (Order No 203/1)
 plus P&P


Let Us Be Jolly and Drown Melancholy!

1.  Lille Edwin
2. Paddy Doyle's Boots
3. The Bonnie Ship The Diamond
4. Press Gang
5.  Whisky Johnny / Reuben Ranzo
6. Sally Brown
7. Van Dieman's Land
8. The Gals Of Chile
9. Farewell and Adieu / Spanish Ladies
10. Strike the Bell
11. Santianna

Available as CD £10.00 (Order No 203/2)
 plus P&P


Off to Sea Once More

1. The Gals O' Dublin Town
2. Lowlands
3. Off to Sea Once More
4. He-bang. She-bang
5. Shanty Ano
6. Dance Polka
7. Rolling Down To Old Maui
8. E Amola
9. Den Norske Sjømann
10. Leaving of Liverpool
11. Aloue
12. The Greenland Whale Fishers
13. General Taylor
14. Leave Her, Johnny
15. South Australia
16. The Drunken Sailor


Available as CD £12.00 (Order No 203/3)
plus P&P


Haakon Vatle

Den Norske Sjømdnn

Den Vegelsinnede Pike
Å Vokt Dig Vel
En Sjømanns Død
Det Brusdnde Hav
Sømands Sang
Styrmannen og hans pike
Den Glade Sjømann
En Sjømannsuise Fra Kinkysten
Eg Fokk Eit Hlikk

Available as CD £12.00 (Order No 203/5)
plus P&P


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