Stamp and Go   

Prussia Tracks

Around Cape Horn
Captain Bligh

Stamp and Go
Bully in the Ally
Trawling Trade
Clay Ships
Rolling Down the River
Row On
Drunken Sailor
I Hear Songs
Sweet Jenny
Blow Boys
Away Home


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Sail Away

Grey Funnel Line
Cape Cod Girls

The Robert Whitworth
Two Mighty Mines
We'll be Damned
Old Horse
John Kanaka
Sail Away
Old Maui
Last Leviathan
Strike the Bell
Fire Maringo
Shoals of Herring
Real Ale of Old England
Hoorah Hoorah!
Cornwall my Home


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plus P&P

We're Just Waiting For Low Tide

Shanty Medley
Stamp and Go - Le Ca Capitaine de Saint Marlo - John Kanaka
Blood Red Roses - Cape Cod Girls - Roll The Woodpile Down

La Seine
Men of Cornwall
A Thousand Miles Apart
Waiting For The Day
The Smell Of The Oil
Leave Her Johnny Leave Her
The Cherbourg Run
Stamp and Go


Available as CD 8.00 (Order No. 229/1)
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