Sheringham Shantymen

Since the formation of the SHERINGHAM SHANTYMEN in 1990, they have completed some 300 appearances, and due to this popularity, they have produced their third recording. Their travels have taken them to the opening of "The International Boat Show at Earls Court", the BBC's program "Blue Peter", ITV's "Highway" with Sir Harry Secombe, to Norfolk, Virginia, USA, the Bristol Maritime Festival, the Lowestoft Fish Festival, the Gorleston Music Festival, the Royal Norfolk Show with Radio Norfolk, and many more. They have given thousands of pounds to Local and National Charities raised through profits from the sale of their Videos, tapes and books. They just love singing.


 Songs for Seafarers

1. Botany Bay
2. Barrett's Privateers
3. The Albany Immigrants
4. Loss of The Laforey
5. Leave Her Jonny Leave Her
6. Captain Stratton's Fancy
7. London Julies
8. Home From the Sea
9. Clear the Track
10. The Lifeboat Mona
11. Rolling Down to Old Maui
12. Lumpers Life
13. Pump Shanty
14. Shore Fishing Game
15. Roll Alabama Roll
16. Yeller Girls
17. The Gals of Chile
18. Tryphena's Extra Hand
19. Wave Over Wave
20. Jamboree
21. Farewell Shanty
22. Strike The Bell

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Rolling Home

Sacramento ... Blow the Man Down ... Bunch of Thyme ... Hearts of Oak ... Row Bullies Row

Blue Nose ... Warlike Seamen ... Tiddy High ... Toms Gone to Hilo ... Cockles & Mussels

High Barbary ... Men of the Sea ... Grimsby Lads .... Whiskey in the Jar .... Rollin Home

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The Sheringham Shantymen No.3

  Rio Grand .... Hieland Laddie ... A' Roving .... Guns 'n Drums ... Haul Away Joe .... Sailing .... Homeward Bound .... South Australia .... The Diamond .... Maggie May ... Chesapeake Bay ... Blow Ye Winds ... Blow the Man Down ... Grey Funnel Line ... Santiano .... Spanish Ladies ... New York 'Gals .... Moonshiner ... The Smuggler

To Play a Sample from "'The Smuggler"


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