Shep Woolley  


Grumpy old Matelot

RDP 2010
Don't Think Twice
Singapore Stories and Tattoo Tales
Blue Liners and Bubbly
Chicken on a Raft
The Day I Lost My Vaginity
The Bikengale
The Old North Wall
Freddie Fookers Is That Really You
Old Queen Mother
Goodbye Eric Figg
Diesel And Shale
Watching The Ships Sail By
The Admiral Said "We Had A Good War"
Where Have All The Flowers Gone


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Hands to Dance and Skylark

Shep Woolley
 The 'Ansome Cabin Bouys

1. The Mason's Apron
2. The Leaving of Liverpool
3. Gunner Joe
4. Blow the Man Down
5. All the Fun of the Fair
6. Tell Me Ma!
7. South Australia
8. The Good Ship Pusser's Hard
9. The Sailors Hornpipe
10. Riding on a Donkey
11. Blue Liners & Bubbly
12. Albert Tunnycliffe
13. Poor Old Horse
14. Irish Washerwoman
15. When the Guns Go Gang!
16. Down By The Dockyard Wall
17. The Oggie Special
18. Portsmouth Trad

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Life in a Blue Suit

1. Old Fashioned Saturday Night
2. Granddad Woolley & Saint Peter
3. Ugly Matchstick
4. Cornish Lads
5. Mandelson
6. All the Presidentís Men
7. Licence to Kill
8. Richard Cartridge
9. First You Louse Your Rhyming
10. The Night I Hypnotised the Crowd
11. He Played for England
12. Up & Down Laundry Hill
13. The Bridge at Hilsea
14. A Fine Time

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Toon 'n' Tales of the Royal Navy

1. The Last Shanty
 2. Greenhouse Graham
3. Marching Inland
4. Lou Rett and The Oggies /
Big Bad Pearce and the Pin-Pong Balls /
Messing Around in the Dockyard
5. Nelson Monologue
6. Overboard
7. Down by the Dockyard Wall
8. Norman Docherty and the Chinese Rock and Roll Band /
My Brother Sylveste
9. The Long Covered Way


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Chips off the Old Bloke No.1

Chips off the Old Bloke No.2

1. Introduction by John Evans
2. Messing Around in the Dockyard
3. The Maltese Connection
4. Too Ra Loo It's the Best of Society
5. Draft Dodger
6. Sams Medal
7. Southsea Love Song
8. The Reggies Sports Day on Whaley
9. When Nellie Joined the WRNS
10. Hairy Mary the Bonnie Lass
11. Burning Rubber /
Honeymoon Song
12. Rammit Mate I'm RDP

1. The Wayward Boy
2. I Married My Jenny Wren Bride
3. Some Rules for Snake Bits
4. The Skinhead Song
5. Little Aggie
6. The Handy Household Help
7. The Royal Marines Suit
8. D-Day Dodgers
9. D-Day Poem / D-Day Boating
10. The Song of the Montague Whaler
Its Roll On My Time Boys

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Available as CD £10.00(Order No. 86/2)
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