Scolds Bridle 

Sounds of the Night
The Sea
Sail Away
The Blackbird
Fair Maids of February
Rigs of Rye
The Menopause
Banks of Red Roses
Siren Sea
Come Home Safely To Me
The Unquiet Grave
Sailor's Skye

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We Are The Women Left On The Shore
Through the songs of Ron Baxter, Ross Campbell and others, Scold's Bridle explore the common experiences of the families of British fishermen. You will be moved

My Brian .... Pawnographic Song ... Who Pays The Bills? ... The Herring Song ... Braiding ... O.M.O. ... Hush Little Johnny ... Why Are You Crying, Mam? ...Twenty Years Or More ... Welcome Home Sailor ... Pull For The Shore ... Bazza .... We Are The Women ... Sailing Day Blues ... We've Fished These Grounds .... Flowers Of The Sea

Available as CD £10.00 (Order No.50/2) plus P&P

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