Red Duster 

Final Trawl

The story of the loss of the fishing trade in Fleetwood, told in words and music.
on a Double CD Set


The Smacksman … The Fleetwood Fireman … Old Dinas …Bobby Nash's Song … Our Cook's Tater Pie … Don't Marry a Lumper … Best Stuff I' Lancashire … Two o'clock Artillery … Tell Me Skipper … The Silent Walkabout …Oh, Mr. Tompson … The Blue Flamingo … Windy Old Weather …Deckie's Learner … Why Are You Crying Mam? … Lament for the Red Falcon … Pull for the Shore … Old Man Vic … Lord Middleton … Up on the Chatsworth Estate … The Arctic Grounds … Iceman and Lumper … Three Day Millionaire … My Brian …Strike Boys Strike … Fighting the Cod War … Flowers of the Sea .. The Trawlerman.


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Farewell to the Clan Line

Songs and Stories of the Clan Line

1. Out on the Town
2. A Strange welcome
3. Bye-Bye Clan Line
The Merchant Navy songs
5. Clan Boat Leaving Bombay
Where were the songs? And what were they all about?
7. Royston Grange
Other Companies had then too; e.g. "Slow Starvation and Agony"
9. Shaw-Savill’s Buccaneers
Death at sea; an event-present companion
11. The Red Duster (Old Dublin Fireman)
Navigators v Engineers
13. King Line Captain
Tramp ships; where to go next
15. South of south Georgia (Blood on the Ice)
Back to port - for some fun!
17. Port of Amsterdam
Over to the American side
19. Voyage to Newfoundland
Some American adventures - Great Leaks, great cities
21. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
The St Lawrence Seaway and the Welland Canal
23. The Lock-Keeper
Always room for a new song
25. Phyllis Bowater
Time to go home
27. Goodbye, America
Where did it all go? The end of an era
29. Farewell to the Clan Line

Bold = Songs    Italic = Stories


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  It All Comes Out of the Cod End

Songs from The Fleetwood Folk Club
Scold's Bridle (Liz Moore & Sue Bousfield)
Dick Gillingham, Richard Hone, David Pearce,
Red Duster (Ron Baxter & Ross Campbell)
and Spitting on a Roast ( David Ryan & Mike France)


Brassie’s Tears
Body and Soul
Good Morning Mr Magistrate
Artic Grounds
Sailing Day Blues
Cook and the Deckies
Trawler Cooks
Cook’s Tatie Pie
Fisherman’s Fiend
Blue Flamingo
Midnight Bottle
Down in Deaduns
Sleeping Now
Phantom Auto Truckers
BSL Song
Egon Ronay at the Dockside Café
Sounds of the Night
Icemen and Lumpers
Blue and Gold
Flowers of the Sea
Lock Pit Jump


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