Monkeys Fist  

When the Sun Goes Down

Cheerliy Man
Help Me to raise 'em
Ten Stone
Hooker John
Death of Nelson
The Bargheist Coach
Ratcliffe Highway
Braw Sailin' on the Sea
Old Moke
Hard Times in Old Virginia
I'm Gonna Roll Here
How High The Price / All Clouds The Sky
Heave Away Me Johnnies
Was It You?
100 Years Ago

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Sailing on the Evening Tide

Time Ashore
Capstan Bar
Bold Riley
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Billy O'Shea
Clear the Track
Roustaboat Song
One More Pull
Tom's Gone to Hilo
One More Day
Bound Down Trinidad
Bring Nelson Home
Blow The Man Down
The Outside Track

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Live on the Grand Turk

Fire Marengo
Running Down to Cuba
Boston Harbour
Tom's Gone To Hilo
Farewell to Tarwathie
The Matthew
The Last Shanty
General Taylor
Bully in the Alley
The Transport Shanty
The Big Fella
Shawnee Town
Captain of the Dredger
Shallow Brown
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Mingulay Boat Song

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First Line Ashore

Pull Down Below
Hanging Johnny
Doodle Let Me Go
Essequido River
Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her
Three Jolly Fisherman
Skipper Jan Rebek
Sam's Gone Away
Hob-Y-Derri Dando
Roll The Woodpile Down
John Kanaka
Poor Old Horse
Last Shanty

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plus P&P

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