The Chantey Cabin



The Chantey Cabin started back in 1996 to help shanty artists with a central point of sale at festivals and to provide website for them.This was before CD’s and artists certainly did not have websites of their own!!!

Over the years’ groups have split up, singers have passed over the Bar! Many others have sold out of some of their recordings and replaced them with new CDs.

The crew of the Chantey Cabin are not getting any younger and so we have decided to reduce the number of recordings we keep in house.

We will still have a lot in stock but if not we will forward orders to the artists concerned.

If you cannot find  a recording or an artist  please email us as our collection  of books and recording of shanty’s is very large  and love to help finding that lost music




Ken & Jan Lardner

E-Mail  ken@chanteycabin

Tel: 01772 634737