Louis Killen  
Sailors, Ships & Chanteys
Suzy Anna
Liverpool Judies
Rounding The Horn
Short Jacket & White Trousers
Handsome Cabin Boy
Haul Away For Rosie
Paddy West
John Rise Her Up
The Flying Cloud
Cruising Round Yarmouth
Shoals of Herring
 Shoals of Herring
Henry Martin
Lord Franklin
Haul On The Bowlin'
The Trim-Rigged Doxy
The Dreadnaught
Hilo Johnny Brown
Davy Lowston
Leaving of Liverpool
Only as CD £12.00 (Order No. 45/1) plus P&P

A Seaman's Garlanmd

Dance t'th' Danddy
The Herring Gutter's Song
The Dark Eyed Sailor
Do Me Amma
Doodle Let Me Go
The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime
The Keel Row
The "Diamond"
Greenland Bound
The Wreck of the "Ellen Munn"
Three Score and Ten
The Black Ball Line
Brave Admiral Benbow
The Bold "Princess Royal"
Paul Jones
We Have Fed Our Seas
Goodbye, Fare Thee Well
Leave her, Johnny


 CD £12.00 ( Order No. 45/2) plus P&P
A Bonny Bunch
Lovely John
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
The Unquiet Grave
The Recruited Collier
Rap Her To Bank
The Painful Plough
The Verdant Braes Of Skrene
Na' Bhouchail N'Gruage Bhui
The Gallawa' Hills
The Fireship
The Croppy Boy
The Croppy Boy
The Lag's Song
Van Dieman's Land
The Kielder Hunt
General Wolf
The Death Of Nelson
The Bonny Bunch Of Roses

CD £12.00 (Order No.45/3) plus P&P
50 South to 50 South
Rounding The Horn
Suzy Anna
Off To Sea Once More
Whiskey Johnny
Bring'em Down
Row, Bullies Row
The Flying Cloud
The Dreadnought
Rueben Ranzo
General Taylor
Paddy West
The Trim-Rigged Doxy
The Ship In Distress
Sally Racket
Blood Red Roses

CD £12.00 ( Order No. 45/6) plus P&P


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