Ken Stephens  

Slop Chest


Story Books
Fair Stood The Wind
Ike Hvaal
Go And Read The Names
Rattle The Winches
Drums and Guns
Shores Of Botany Bay
Belfast Hornpipe /Dorset Four Hand Reel
An Culin / Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway
Ride On
Patey Mill
Bold Reilly


Available as CD (Order No. 214/3)
£8.00 plus P&P



Ken with the backing of the Shipmates he
has sung with from all over the world

Body and Soul Together
Land of Fire
Rainbow Warrior
Patey Mill
Ships in Bottles
Sam Houston
July March
Working on a Foreign Sea
Bottle Green
Eagles Whistle / Gates of Yellowtown
Oss Owd Oss
Silver Bird
Gwyneth Gwyn
Kerry Polkas
Herzogin Cecilie


Available as CD (Order No. 214/4)
£8.00 plus P&P




Time Ashore & Afloat

Ike Hvaal (No Whales)
Blow Ye Winds in the Morning
Rattle the Winches
Now That the Fishing has Ended
Shores of Botany Bay
Go and Read the Names
Drums and Guns
Roxburgh Castle
Rolling Home
Menschen Und Meer (Men of the sea) / 4 O'clock on Thursday / Herzogen Cecile
Dorset Four Hand Reel

Available as CD (Order No. 214/1)
£10.00 plus P&P



Herzogin Cecile
Magnificent Muskoga
Diamonds Dancing
Grease the Ways
Tides Away
Survivor Leave
4 O'Clock On Thursdays
Wreck of the Clarendon
Birkenhead Drill
Flukey Ally
Atlantic Conveyor

Available as CD 12.00 (Order 214/2)
plus P&P


Ken also sings with Spindrift and Windwytch




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