The Keelers  

Heave Away, Haul Away

This CD is intended for use in schools, all the songs are suitable for children
 and comes with a education pack

Rio Grande
Billy Boy
New York Gals
Donkey Riding
I'm Bound Away
Bobby Shaftoe
Keel Row
Blow The Man Down
John Kanaka
Pay Me The Money Down
Frisco Bay
Roll The Old Chariot
Drunken Sailor

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 Two Re-Issues now in CD format





Plains of Mexico
Blow Boys Blow
Randy Dandy
Billy Boy
Down Trinidad
Pull Down Below
Chile Girls
Mobile Bay
Johnson Girls
Come Roll Me Over
Rise Me Up
Royal Artillery Man
Bully in the Alley
John Kanaka
John Cherokee
Wild Goose Nation
Sally Brown
Blackbird Get Up
Fire Marengo
Goodbye, Fare Thee-Well
Shallow Brown

Available as CD 12.00
Order No 16/6
plus P&P


1. Farewell to the Master
2. Shiny-O
Blood Red Roses
3. The Gal With The Blue Dress
Can't Ye Hilo
Hooker John
4. Paddy Doyle's Boots
John Dameray
Haul The Bowline
5. Dance The Boatman
Paddy Lay Back
6. The Gals O' Dublin Town
Clear The Track
The Old Moke Pickin' On The Banjo
7. Fire Down Below
Packet Ship
The Codfish Shanty
8. Heave Away Me Johnnies
The Blackball Line
9. Running Down To Cuba
Haul Away, Boys, Haul Away
Sally Rackett
10. Rolling Down To Old Maui.

Available as CD 12.00
Order No 16/5
plus P&P

On the North Sea Ground

The Merry Fellows
Fundy Bay
One Miner’s Life
The Foreshift
John Dead
On The North Sea Ground
Twenty Long Weeks
Depth of my Ego
Guard Yer Man Well
Working Man
Row On Row On
So Long

Available as CD 12.00 (Order No 16/4)
plus P&P



  Alan Fitzsimmons  

Old Wood is Best

The Black Fox … Jimmy’s Gettin Work … North Sea Ground …Sulky Mary … In The Trades … The Great Silkie of Sule Skerrie … Flowers of the Town …The Landlords Daughter …Sporting Dogs …Janey Foster … The Farmers Toast … Pitman Drinking Jackie … Old Wood Is Best … The New Beer Bill … The Bluebell of Gateshead … The Beukmaker …The Day of Life …Mally Dun … Banks of the Lea … The Invitation (Skippers Wedding)


Available as CD 12.00 (Order No 28/1)
plus P&P


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