J oe Stead 

Valparaiso Round the Horn

This is a CD with a difference - a combination of narrative and song - there is lots of interesting facts as well as some excellent singing, a good introduction to the use of different shanties

Valparaiso Round the Horn ... Rio Grande ... Shanandoah ... Drunken Sailor ...Hanging Johnny ...South Australia ...Shallow Brown ... Poor Old Horse ... A Hundred Years Ago .... Little Sally Rackett ... Lindy Low .... Old Maui ... The Captions Apprentice ...Roll The Woodpile Down ... Paddy Doyles Boots ... Lowlands ... Leave Her Johnny Leave Her



"This is the best sea shanty album in the world - at least I'm pretty sure, I've heard most of them and this is it." - Tor Jonassen WRDVfm Radio Philadelphia.

"In this first class compilation it is difficult to separate entertainment from information. Joe Stead and his crew of singers cram more of both into the space of one hour than I would have thought possible. I discovered shanties and facts that were new even to this seasoned sea song fanatic. By means of singing and narration we are taken on a typical sailing voyage from Liverpool to Valparaiso via Cape Horn in 1860. Joe and the chorus are in excellent form, and overall the cd manages to convey almost every element of sea board life but the smell" - Cyril Tawney.


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    Hearts On Fire


Hearts on Fire ... Tomorrow if not Today ... Mrs Harris ... Aragon Mill ... Night Journey ... Somos el Barrco ... Old to Blue ... Planet for Sale .... Put it on the Ground .... Up and be Doing ... Rocks of Baccalieu ...Shantyman ... Shallow Brown ... Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her ... Go From My Window ...Never Felt Closer to Me ... America .

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Kimber's Men

Nieil Kimber, John Bromley, Joe Stead & Roger 'Tonky'Hepworth

See You When The Sun Goes Down

  Help Me To Raise 'Em
Admiral Benbow
Trim Rigged Doxy
The Robert Whitworth
Shallow Brown
Leaky Ship
Blood Red Roses
Ode To Big Blue
Sally Rackett
Walk Around Me Brave Boys
Hundred Years Ago
A Long Time Ago
Bully In The Alley
Drinking That Wine
Lord Franklin
Donkey Riding
John Kanaka
Lindy Low
Pay Me The Money Down
Mingulay Boat Song
Roll Alabama Roll
Rio Grande

This CD includes a 24 page booklet of words and information

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Don't Take The Heroes

 Haul Away Joe
La Plque
Don't Take The Heroes
Yellow Girls
Frobisher Bay
Northwest Passage
Harry Eddom
Bold Riley
Blow The Man Down
Lovely Nancy
South Australla
Death Of Nelson
Tom's Gone To Hilo
Sam's Gone Away
General Taylor
Get Along Down Buddy
No More Auction Block
Quiet As The Grave
Johnson Girls
Rolling Home
Go To The Sea No More
Leave Her Johnny Leave Her

This CD includes a 24 page booklet of words and information

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