Jim Mageean  



The Capstan Bar

I'm Bound Away
Mobile Bay
Yeller Girls
Essequibo River
Roll The Cotton Down
Cheer'ly Man
Captain Nipper
Ja Ja Ja
Hurrah Sing Fare Ye Well
Come Roll Me Over
Roll The Woodpile Down
Ranzo Ray
The Capstan Bar
One More Day
Rolling Home

Available as CD (Order No. 211/1)
£10.00 plus P&P


Coming of Age
 Johnny Collins

Rio Grande
Bold Riley
General Taylor
Bully in the Alley
Hanging Johnny
Johnson Girls
Shawnee Town
John Cherokee
Roll Down
Rolling Up
Rolling Down
Herzogin Cecilie
Clear the Track
John Dead
Haul Boys Haul
Blackbird Get Up
Whaling Johnny

Available as CD £12.00 (Order 4/10)
plus P&P


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