Why ?

Many people knew Stan Hugill - some as a member of a loving family, others as a childhood friend, some as a shipmate or fellow sailor, or even as a prisoner in a German Prison Camp, perhaps as a student ardently undertaking a degree course in Japanese. Many young people knew him as an instructor at the Outward Bound School in Aberdovery (much loved or much feared depending on how proficient they were!)

Later in his life others admired his superb artistic skills - but perhaps most people associate the name Stan Hugill as a shantyman.

The credits to his name as an artist, a scholar, a sailor, TV appearances brought his face into the homes of thousands and now he is the focus of this internet site - why?

It was some 30 plus years ago that we went to The Spinners Folk Club at Gregson's Well in Liverpool, as there often was several guests dropped in during the evening, one of them was this guy who was introduced as "The Last Working Shantyman - Stan Hugill" we enjoyed the set and like, everyone else, joined in the chorus's with gusto !

It was a great evening and we went home - now so many years later we wish that, on that and several subsequent occasions when we met Stan that we had pinned him down in a corner with a tape recorder and very long list of questions !

But such is hindsight !

A chance meeting with his wife Bronwen at the Sea Fever Festival in Hull some years ago started a valued friendship and a deepening interest in Stan's work.

All these years later our love of folk music has continued, we have specialized in Maritime folk music - and Stan has continued to be the subject of many emails, requests and questions. Because neither of us can sing or play a musical instrument we set up The Chantey Cabin, not as a shop, but as a central point where like minded people can browse around for the CD or book they have always wanted, or ask a question about artists or songs. And generally act as a central point at festivals. For those outside the United Kingdom we offer a mail order service, not just for sales but as an information point.

A few months ago we were asked a question which we could not answer - and this prompted a web search - it was to our very great surprise that we found there was no Stan Hugill web site and so in our small way we have decided to remedy the situation, but this is not "our" site we are simply the custodians - we would love to ask anyone who knew Stan, in any capacity to add their own contributions. It is intended that this will be very much a "living" site where things will be added and updated frequently.

This site owes sincere thanks to many people, too many to name here, but most of all to Bronwen and Vic Hugill-Gowers whose unfailing help and support has made this project so worthwhile.

Finally, the site is dedicated to our grandsons Ben and Danny, as representatives of the generations to come who must have the opportunity to listen to and evaluate for themselves the part that Stan played in helping to perpetuate both the role of, and the music that he taught us.

May you always run before the wind!!

Ken and Jan Lardner

January 2003