The Harry Browns

of Bristol


Raising Wind

1. Dogger Bank
2. A la Rochelle est Arrive'
3. The North Wall
4. Lancaster Quay
5. Sacramento
6. Rollin up/Rolling down
7. The Channels
8. North Sea Rollers
9. Chicken on a Raft
10. Ragtime Annie
11. The Corncrake
12. Inside Every Sailor
13. Green Banana Johnny
14. Pleasant and Delightful

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Rolling Home to Bristol

1. Rolling Home
2. Druken Sailor
3. The Sloop 'John B'
4. Captain Nipper
5. A Sea Burthen
6. Rotterdam It's us!
7. The Barque 'Favell'
8. Down at the Sailors' Rest
9. The East Indiaman
10. The 'Matthew'
11. Maggie Dalton
12. Home, Boys Home
13. The Mingulay Boat Song
14 Port Mahon
15. Smugglers

 Available as CD (Order No3/5)
10.00 plus P&P

Shipshape & Harry Fashion

Paris Here I Come
Greenland's Icy Shore
Sammy's Gone A-Sailing
Shallow Brown
The Towrope Girls
The Barque "Favell"
Pull For The Shore
The Final Trawl
The "Rosabella
The "Julie Plantie"
Time Ashore
Soon May The Wellerman Come
Lime Scurvy
Santy Anna
Ilo Man
The Trawling Trade
Rio Grande
The Farewell Shanty

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10.00 plus P&P

Whirr Bist Headin Cabot?

The Matthew...Sammy's Gone a Sailing...The "Julie Plante"...Hartland Point...Ali Alo...Bound Away...Pill Pill...The "Harry Brown"...Rolling Down to Old Maui ...Santy Ana...Sail-Away...Pull for the Shore...Roll the Cotton...Time Ashore...The "Juno"...Paris here I come... Greenland's Icy Shore .. Soon May the Wellerman Come.

 Available as Tape (Order No3/1)
5.00 plus P&P

  The Barque Favell of Bristol


Tow Rope Girls...The Barque"Favell" ...Blood Red Roses...Sally Free and Easy... Shallow Brown ... Smugglers ... Final Trawl ...Hilo Man ...Rio Grande...Trawling Trade ..Old Moke... Lime Scurvy ...Rosabella...Leave 'er Johnny...East Indiaman...Farewell Shanty

Available as Tape (Order No 3/2)
6.00 plus P&P

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