Hanging Johnny  

Sea Songs and Shanties

Disc 1 The Sea Songs and Shanties

Hanging Johnny
The Bonny Ship The Diamond
Bulgine Run
The Life Boat Mona
Yarmouth Town
On Monday In Morning
Rolling Home
Bully In The Alley
Wild Goose Shanty
Old Maui
Poor Old Man
Ellen Vannin
John Kanaka
One More Pull

Disc 2 The Sea Quell

Sail Away Ladies
Chinese Bumboat Man
Hooker John
Talcahuano Girls
Grey Funnel Line
Shun the Drink
Pull Down Below
Tiddy Aye Oh
Banks Of Newfoundland
Tie 'Em Up
Bye Bye Roseanna
Running Down To Cuba
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Dance The Boatman
Boston Harbour
Shallow Brown


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Visions Remain

Roll Down
Blow the Man Down
Swim Sam, Swim Sam
Heaven's a Bar
John's Gone Down to Hilo"
On Board the Rosabella
Rio Grande
Sammy's Bar
Sir Sydney Smith's March

High Time

So Near and Yet So Far
Hullabaloo Belay
Ballina Whalers
Donkey Riding
Goodbye Fare-thee-well
Sea Fever
Grey Funnel Line
Leaving of Liverpool
Jenny Wren Bride


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 No Other Life....
Sugar In The Hold

The Dreadnaught
Wave Over Wave

Fire Maringo
Rattle Them Winches
Our Captain Cried All Hands
The Great Fish Finger Disaster
Bring 'Em Down
Frobisher Bay

The Outside Track
Dark Island
Five O'Clock In The Morning
Ten Thousand Miles
Chicken On A Raft
Three Day Millionaire
Maggie May
Blackbird Get Up
Johnson Girls


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 Yankee Clippers & Limey Traders

1.  Down Trinidad
2.  Lowlands Low
3.  Whisky Johnny (
The Lobster)
4.  Old Fid
5.  Sammy's Gone Away
6.  The Mermaid
7.  Riley
8.  Ranzo Ranzo Ray
9.  Shanandoah
10. Fire Down Below
11. Bold Red Roses
12. Baltimore
13. Hard On The Beach Oar
14. Way Down In Dixie
15. Old Stormy
16. Get Up Jack, Sit Down
17. Tilbury Town
18. Round The Corner Sally
19. Roll The Woodpile Down
20. Hey Ho  Little Fishes



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To Pass Away The Time

Across The Western Ocean Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her Billy Riley Grey Goose Shanty .All For Me Grog Santiana The Rape of The Mackerel Shoals The Final Trawl Combing The Maine Skipper Jan Riebec My First Shipwreck At Sea Swansea Town One Hundred Years Ago Venezuela . On Board the Kangaroo The Young Sailor Cut Down In His Prime . South Australia . Sailor's Prayer The Antoinette Hills Of Ille Au Haut.


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Old Yards Revisited

Hanging Johnny ... Talcahuano Girls ... Ellen Vanin ... Dance the Boatman ... Boston Harbour ... Old Maui ... Bonny Ship the Diamond ... John Kanaka ... Poor Old Man ... Sail Away Ladies ... Bully in the Alley ... Shun the Drink ... Hooker John ... The Lifeboat Mona ... Bulgine Run ... Pull Down Below ... Shallow Brown ... Yarmouth Town ... Running Down+ to Cuba ... Tiddy Aye Oh ... One More Pull


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Only One More Day


The Rum and Shrub Shantymen


The Bosun's Alphabet ...The Arabella ... Frankies Trade ... The Wild Goose ... Mobile Bay ... Bully In The Alley ...Paddy Lay Back ... Cheerily Man ... Little Sally Racket ... The Esequibo River ... Paddy West ... Lowlands ... Hanging Johnny ...Tom's Gone To Hilo .... Roll The Cotton ... On Board A Man of War ... Roll The Woodpile ... Saltpetre Shanty ... Whip Jamboree


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