The  Chantey Cabin has now purchased most of the maritime recordings on the
Folkways Record Label
held by the Smithsonian Institute in the USA
 these include may famous shanty singers including the likes of
Stan Hugill, Pete Seeger, Lou Killen, Alan Mills and many, more, original recordings.

The Smithsonian has transferred the Folkways Collection of vinyl records on to CD's and has made them available for sale in this format, complete with photocopy's of the original sleeve and booklet notes for your complete enjoyment of these original and valuable recordings  


Songs of the Sea

.. Alan Mills

Foc'sle Songs and Shanties

... Paul Clayton and the Foc'sle Singers

On Deck and Below

... Tom Sullivan

Songs of Sea and Shore

... Stuart M Frank
Fifty Sail on Newburgh Bay ... Pete Seeger & Ed Renehan
Colonial & Revolutionary War ... Cliff Halsam & John Miller
Songs of the Maritmes ... Alan Mills
Sing at the South St Seaport ... X-Seamans Institute
Hearts of Oak ... X-Seamans Institute
Sea Chanties & Forecastle Songs ... Stuart M Frank, Stuart Gillespie
Salt Atlantic Chanties ... Tom Sullivan
Sea Songs From Seattle ...  Lou Killen &  Stan Hugill
Sea Songs from Newport RI ... Various Artists
Songs of Sea from San Festival ... Various Artists
By Land or By Sea ... Morrigan
Favourite Sea Songs ... X-Seamans Institute
Born of Another Time ... Goux & Sulanowski
Sea Music of Many Lands ... Various Artists
Leave Her Johnnie, Leave Her ... Hjalmar Rutzebeck
Sea Song Sampler ... Various Artists