Exmouth Shanty Men



Cheerily Man
Roll Alabama Roll
Cobh Shanty
Bonny Ship The Diamond
Paddy Doyle's Boots
Shallow Brown
Tea and Coffee
Brave Wolfe

Long Time Ago
Haul Away
L' Harmonica

Lowlands Away Joe

High Barbary
South Australia
All For Me Grog
Farewell Shanty


Available as CD 10.00 plus P&P (order No. 209/4)


The Full Shanty

Haul Away The Bowline Boys
Skipper Jan Rebek

Pay Me My Money Down
Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth
Chicken On A Raft
Poor Horse Chanty
On Board A Man O' War
Bonny Was A Warrior
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Dark Eyed Sailor

Candlelight Fisherman
Haul On The Bowline
Hard On The Beach Oar

Rio Grande

Essequibo River
Betty Stogs


Available as CD 10.00 plus P&P (order No. 209/3)


Randy Dandy,O

Randy Dandy, O
Do To Sea No More

Pump Her Dry
Hog's Eye Man
Haul Away For Rosie
Mingulay Boat Song
Roll the Wood Pile Down

A Sailor's Life
Hanging Johnny
Blood Red Roses

Heaven's a Bar

Goodbye, Fare Thee Well
Stormalong John
Fiddler's Green
Hullabaloo Belay
Greenland Whale Fishery
Sailboat Malarkey
Leave Her, Johnny Leave Her
Santee Anna
Spanish Ladies
Whisky Johnny
Bye, Bye My Roseanna


Available as CD 10.00 plus P&P (order No. 209/2)

Rolling Home

John Kanaka
Little Sally Racket

Blow the Man Down
Boston Harbour
Cruel Were My Parents
The Black Ball Line
Bold Riley

New York Girls
Tom's Gone To Hilo
Roll The Old Chariot Along

Bring'em Dowm
Fire Marengo

Wild Goose
Row Bullies Row
Rolling Home


Available as CD 10.00 plus P&P (order No. 209/1)


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