John, Joy and Olivia Rennie


Bold Nelson's Praise

The  Rambling Sailor
Some Tyrant

Home For Christmas
The Oyster Girl
Ye Mar'ners All
The Wine of Life
Bold Nelson's Praise / The Naval Man

The Eddystone Light
The Fireship
Tin Turtles

I's de B'y
The Dolphin

Jacky Tar
Jack Was Ev'ry Inch a Sailor
Frog and Grog Set
The Bionic Fisherman


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1. The Young British Soldier
2. The Packet Rat

3. The Recall
4. Gethsemane
5. The Mouldering Milkmaid
6. Come Live With Me
7. Mary's Ghost

8. The Wine Of Life
9. In Flanders Fields
10. Normans & Saxons
11. Sir Richard's Song
12. Bill's Enemy

13. Marian's Nose
14. The Oldest Song
15. Susan's Adventures


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England Expects


1. Rosarie (Fox-Smith/Rennie)
2. The Bold Young Sailor
3. The Trumpet Hornpipe - Lord Nelson's Hornpipe
4. A Dog's Life
5. Jackie Tar
6. Portsmouth - The Three Sea Captains - The New Rigged Ship
7. Casey's Concertina
8. SeaVoices (Fox-Smith/Rennie)
9. The Reselution - The Greencastle Hornpipe - Penny on the Water
10. Morning Watch (Fox-Smith/Rennie)
11. The Sea Wife
12. Roll'er Home
13. England Expects (Rennie)


Available as CDR £10.00 plus P&P (order No. 170/1)

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