Dick Miles  

Concertinas and ..

1. Tarves Rant, Scottish Bothy Ballad.
2. Sally Gardens, Concertina Reel.
3. Seeds of Love.
4. Christmas Day in da Morning
5. Belfast Hornpipe, Madam Bonaparte.
6. Blarney Roses.
7. The Frost is all over (jig), Boys of Blue Hill
(hornpipe), Maid behind the bar (reel).
8. The Croppy Boy.
9. Random Jig.
10. April Morning.
11. Bishops Favourite, Falmouth Assembly.
12. Brigg Fair.
13 Hornpipe Selection.
14. The Old Copperplate, The Banshee.
15. Greenwood Laddie.
16. The Fingerpost, Boscastle Breakdown.
17. Dark Island.
18. The rebel soldier.
19. Valencia, Providence Reel.
20. The Gold Ring.
21. The Swallows Tail, The Peelers Jacket.
22. Bonny Little Bunch of Rushes.
23. Woodland Flowers.
24. St Patrick's Day.
25. The Congress Reel.
26. The Banks of Claudy.
27. Lucy Farr's Polkas, Bill the Weaver.
28. Killarney Boys of Pleasure, The Silver Spear.

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 Nautical and ...


Do me Amma
The Sailor’s Dream
Johnny Come Down to Hilo
The Boys of Killybegs
Lord Franklin
Banks of Sacramento
The Dockyard Gate
The Streams of Lovely Nancy
John Phillip Holland
A Fair Maid Walking
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Coil Away the Trawl Warp
Cod Banging
Hornpipe Set
Home to the Haven
Gallant Frigate Amphitrite
The Death of Parker
Jig Set
The Bold Fisherman
The Blackbird
The Devonshire Farmers Daughter
Cape Clear

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Aound the Harbour Town

Sailor Town
Coasts of Peru
Lea Rigs
Jack The Lad
Around the Harbour Town
Flowing Tide
Lord Batemen
Blarney Pilgrim/Cook in the Kitchen
Our Sheepshearing’s Done
Plains of Boyle / Madame Bonaaparte
Tam Lin
Buffalo Skinners
Trails To Mexico
Sitting On Top Of The World
On My Little Concertina
I Live Not Where I Love
Limerick Rake/Morrison’s Jig
Bogie’s Bonny Belle
Ragian Road
Farewell My Friends

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