Coblers Monday


Swinging the Lead

1. Windy Old Weather
2. Waiting for the Day
3. Farewell Nancy
4. Home Boys Home
5. Maggie May
6. Come Roll Me Over
7. Tom Bowling
8. Lifeboatman
9. A Long Time Ago
10. Arbrouth Tragedy
11. Lowlands Away
12. Rolling Down to Old Mohee
13. Erie Canal
14. Three Jolly Fishermen
15. Mit Mein Yah
16. Have They Gone


Available as CD £10.00 plus P&P (order No. 136/2)


Whitby Cured

Whitby Fishermen's Hymn
Blow The Man Down
The Drowned Sailor
Bully in the Ally
Wings of a Gull
Windy Old Weather
Three Jolly Fisherman
Hartlepool Monkey
Bring Em Down
Paddy Lay Back
General Taylor
All For Me Grog
Farewell Shanty


Available as CDR £10.00 plus P&P (order No. 136/1)

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