Bob Wright  


A look at how Staten Island became the heart of New York Harbor

Bob Wright - banjo, guitar, mandolin, lead vocals
Caroline Cutroneo - guitar, lead & harmony vocals
Bill Doerge - upright bass, guitar
Mara Levine - harmony vocals
Bob Conroy - banjo, guitar, mandolin, lead vocals
Frank Hendricks - guitar, harmony vocals
Denny Ryan - upright bass, harmony vocals
Norm Pederson - mandolin, fiddle, harmony vocals
Ray Scro - soprano sax
Greg Stier - guitar, lead vocals
Paul Daloia - upright bass

1. The Old Staten Island Trams
2.  Alice Austen
   3.   Erastina
 4. The Betsy of New York
  5. Commuters Tune
6.  Starlight Kitty and Moonlight Nell
   7. Sandy Ground
8. Stapleton Beer
        9. Cabh of Sorrow
    10. Have You Ever Seen an Iris Barber
       11. Safe At Snug Harbor
12. Kate Walker (Mind the light Kate)
13. Brooklyn Bridge
14. Aquehonga Moon
15. I Don't Think You'll Chance Your Mind


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