Andy Kenne   


Emigrants Served

River Lea
The Joiner's
Cup of Tay
The Field of Istanbul
Two Years Before the Mast
The Green Nunky
The Grog Song
Emigrants Served
The Sailor's Complaint
The Tall Ships
The Oddfellow's Arms
Down Our Street

Available as CD 10.00 (Order No. 216/1)
plus P&P

Old Ports of Call

Birkenhead Rose
Johnny Go Home
Nanc-O / The Wise Maid (Reel)
Force Ten
Pelorus Jack
Bosun's Chair
Old Ports of Call
Revival Mutiny
Slip Along Home
Welsh Girls
Walton Bay
Masterless Men

Available as CD 10.00 (Order No. 216/2)
plus P&P





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