Act Of Muntiny

A Great Storm Pass Over


A Great Storm Pass Over
This  May Be The Last Time
Shanty Man's Life
Sally Brown
Death of Nelson
Sailboat Malarky
A Seaman's Hymn
Diver Boy
Round The Bay Of Mexico
God Moved On e Water
Old Brown's Daughter
Swimming Song
Nous Etions Trois Marins
Turkish Revelry
I Drew Drew My Ship
Handsome Molly
When He Is Away
Bateau La Rive

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First Act For Real!

The Sinking Of The Reuben James
Mrs. McGrath
The Titanic
The Old Triangle
It Was One Morning In The Spring
Barrett's Privateers
The Last Shanty
Dig My Grave
The Pirate's Gospel
Shiver Mr Timbers
I Hate My Life
Fathom The Bowl
Black Betty

Available as CD 10.00 (Order No. 236/1)
plus P&P


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